Warranty Policy

 Last updated: 27 October, 2022

At Flambird we endeavour to produce the highest possible quality at reasonable prices. We strive for customer satisfaction and will make every attempt to make your experience here a positive one. However, on occasion things will still go wrong. Below we have outlined warranties on our products. If all reasonable care has been taken after receiving your product, and something has failed to perform to expectations, we will repair or replace your product if necessary, under the warranty terms reflected below. But regardless of these policies, please do not hesitate to let us know if there are any issues, and perhaps we can find a solution that will satisfy you.

General Warranty Terms 

Flambird warrants our products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year. The warranty period begins at the date of purchase.

Damage caused by vandalism, theft, accidents, acts of God (floods, earthquakes, wind, hail, tornados, etc.), acts of terrorism, improper installation, abuse or misuse are not covered under the warranty. Flambird shall not be held liable for the repair or replacement of signs or materials resulting from these situations.

Accidental breakage, scratches, paint removal or others from installation, or products removed after being installed are not covered under the warranty. Do not re-use the tape to re-attach the product when using double-sided bonding tape. In case of relocating products with double-sided adhesive tape, please use new adhesive tape.

Corrosion or color change caused by natural disasters, including but not limited to fire, earthquake, volcanic activity, tropical cyclones, acid rain, soil salinity, or any bird or animal damages are not covered under the warranty.

The warranty is provided only for products that are installed properly according to the installation procedure of Flambird. The warranty does not apply to products installed in any environment or on any surface that are not appropriate, including but not limited to saunas and bath areas. Please read and make sure you understand the instruction manual before starting installation.

The warranty does not apply to and is not valid for defects, scratches or paint removal caused by misuse or deliberate actions. Furthermore, any defects in appearance or structure caused by improper handling or maintenance are not covered. Do not use organic solvents or wax containing polishing agents, which may cause damage to particular materials or finishes, including but not limited to paint finishes, clear coating, direct paint system printing, gold leaf, platinum leaf or resin.

The warranty for products designed for indoor use is valid for indoor use only. Color change or fading, damage or accident by falling, lighting failure or fire caused by electric leakage may occur if used outdoors. Please be sure to use indoors only.

The warranty policy only covers replacement of defective products. Installation work, scaffolding, shipping charges incurred by replacement, and compensation for business interruption are not covered in any case.

For all claims, the invoice of the product and a picture that clearly shows the defect must be provided. Depending on the case or products, Flambird reserves the right to request the client to return the defective product.

Appearance of the product or any damage to the product resulting from normal wear and tear in the natural course of product usage given its aging, nature, function, composition and price, as well as damage due to usage of the product beyond its intended use are not covered under the warranty.

Aluminium Signs

The warranty term for any defects involving:

  • Paint peeling from backgrounds, edges, lettering, framing, supports and all visible surfaces
  • Fading colors (except red) – some colors are more prone to fade and will be rated at the time of purchase.
  • Vinyl peeling, curling, shrinking or cracking.
  • Substrate delaminating, cracking.
  • Letters or graphics detaching from surfaces.
  • Breaking welds on metal framing, structures and supports when properly installed.
  • Signs broken due to packing issue while shipping.
Solid Surface Signs

The warranty term for any defects involving:

  • Resin peeling from inlay.
  • Fading colors (except red) – some colors are more prone to fade and will be rated at the time of purchase.
  • Substrate cracking.
  • Signs broken due to packing issue while shipping.
How to Claim Warranty

To claim a warranty of product, please follow these steps:

  • Send us an email at support@flambird.com with title "Warranty Claim" with attached product images, also mention "reason to apply for warranty"
  • On basis of reason of warranty claim we have complete authority to accept or decline the claim request.
  • You will receive an email from us about warranty claim confirmation.
  • If request is accepted send the item to us on below address via courier.
    Flambird, Guru Ram Das Road, Dhandari Kalan, GT Road, Ludhiana 141010, Punjab, India.
    Ph.: +91 7717571099
  • Once we received the original product we will send the new product.

    Note: In the event that the warranty claim request is declined, the user shall not be eligible for a refund, and Flambird assumes no liability in this regard. For more details, please email us at info@flambird.com

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