About Flambird

One vision that drives us

Flambird is a quest of making technologically advanced products for home and commercial use, which have been designed keeping global standards in mind. Flambird is a design and innovation enterprise based out of Ludhiana, an industrial town in the state of Punjab in Northern India. Jagjit Singh, a successful interior designer, whose passion is to create products and has a very fine eye for detailing in design, founded Flambird. The other partner of the company, Gurmeet Singh, though much elder in age than Jagjit, shares the same vision for the company. Together they have built a very capable and diverse team at Flambird.

The entire team at Flambird believes in dreaming about new designs and innovative products, which they make a reality. Quality and utmost excellence are the top important parameters of work done at Flambird. Benchmarking is always done with the best in the world and Jagjit never lets anyone in the company to settle for anything less than the best.

The inspiration of the name Flambird comes from the Flamingo bird as the founders are inspired by these birds to far off places. Flambird is a journey of this dedicated team creating products, which are going to touch the lives of millions of people.