Aim to become one stop signage solution

Flambird is a quest of making technologically advanced products for home and commercial use. The products are designed keeping global standards in mind. Flambird is a design and innovation enterprise based out in Ludhiana, an industrial town in the state of Punjab in Northern India.

The name Flambird is derived from the bird naming Flamingo, as the founders are inspired by the birds for its unique outlook and ability to reach the zenith. Flambird is a journey of a dedicated team creating products, which are capable of touching the lives of people in an effective way. Jagjit Singh, is the founder of Flambird. He is a successful interior designer, whose passion is to create products, he has a fine eye for mere observations and details of designs and creativity. Gurmeet Singh, though much older in age, is the co-founder of Flambird and shares the same vision for the company. Together they have built a very capable and diverse team at Flambird.

We believe in making way finding easier

Flambird believe in dreaming about new designs and innovative products, turning vision into reality. Quality and excellence are the top important parameters of work done at Flambird. Benchmarking is always done with the best in the world and Mr. Singh never lets anyone in the company settle for anything less than the best.

We believe in informational design

Flambird serves products that act as an effective communication tool for informative purposes. The product varies from an Aluminum one to a Photoluminescent type. The product showcases its importance in easing the complexity and helps to signal in emergencies, diversions, evacuation, general safety, and caution warnings-and can be used at interiors, exteriors, industries, offices, laboratories, etc. The orders, manufacturing and the delivery of the products are modified and altered according to the demands of the purchaser. Assistance is provided in the best way possible, keeping approachable handles and contact information readily available at your service. The products come with easy maintenance and installation care.