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How do I install the sign?

We give two installation options depending upon the type of sign
1. Double sided bonding tape
2. Screwed

You can see the signage installation guide here

Which installation type is recommended on which surface?

Screwed variant is recommended on: Paint, wood, brick wall, exteriors, MS surfaces.
Double sided bonding tape variant is recommended on: Glass, laminates, PVC, all smooth surfaces, finished smooth paint surfaces

Does aluminium signs gets corrode and oxidation over time?

No, we use Zinc Tetroxy Chromate coating at base to protect it from corrosion and oxidation. That also helps us in better surface for paint layer above.

Can I relocate signs installed using double sided bonding tape?

Do not re-use the tape to re-attach the sign when using double sided bonding tape. In case of relocating signs with double sided bonding tape, please use new adhesive tape.

Does “screwed” variants comes with hardware?

Yes, signs with screwed variant comes with hardware.

How much time does its coatings last?

We use industry standard coatings for our products that can lasts more than 5 years under normal conditions.

How much is the life of solid surface signs?

Solid surface signs are made using very high quality materials and best modern techniques, its engraved artwork with inlay resins filled increases it life and it can lasts more than 7 (seven) years under normal conditions.. There are very slim chances of problem in these signs.

Does solid surface signs gets corrode and oxidation over time?

Solid surface is an acrylic based material it does not get corrosion or oxidation.

Why your most of the products are “made to order”?

We are direct manufacturers and we have very large catalog of products in signage. It will be very difficult for us to keep ready stock for such a large number of products. So what we do is, we start manufacturing when customer confirms order. Our manufacturing team is always ready for new orders.