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Material: Aluminium Photoluminescent (Glow in Dark)

Size: 300x75x2 mm


Color: Photoluminescent
Installation Method: Double Sided Bonding Tape

Installation Method

Technical Specifications


This aluminium sign is a Photoluminescent (Glow in Dark) commercial signage solution.These signs indicate life saving exit paths for emergency evacuation, general safety and caution warnings and can be used at interiors, exteriors, industries, offices, laboratories etc. Photoluminescent material works without electricity for emission of glow. This material is environment friendly and pollution free, as it does not cause any heat, flame, electric shock or pollution. Withe exposure to light natural or artificial this photoluminescent light is realized to give off a luminous glow by non-toxic chemicals. It has a long life as it does not need internal or external wiring/electric supply. It is waterproof, vapor, explosion proof, corrosion proof, mold proof, fire retardant and nonradioactive. The design of fonts and pictograms is used by keeping in mind the elegance as well as the legibility of these signs. These are manufactured using modern manufacturing techniques and are extremely durable. These are corrosion resistant and require no maintenance.

Material and Finish

Material: CNC cut 2mm thick 6000 series Aluminium sheet with Zinc Tetroxy Chromate coating at base for anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion, further layered with photoluminescent (Glow in Dark) paints and exterior recommended films. Final coat ofmatt polyurethane clear paint on top for durability of decals and base coat.
Finish: Matte
Coating: Photoluminescent and Polyurethane
Thickness: 2mm

What’s in the Box

Hardware (If screwed variant purchased)